Another beautiful day in paradise

I’ve always thought it would take years to build a friendship. I was wrong.

It took me only three months in Guatemala to make friendships that I think will last a lifetime, even if I grow an old woman. I get the ingredients now. ‘For better and worse’ is not just something of marriages, it’s the same with good friends. I’ve helped friends in need and received help, unconditionally. Always had a shoulder to cry on or offered a shoulder to cry on. So many beautiful emotions involved, from laughter that made the muscles in my stomach ache to crying rivers (for seeing the beauty of life again mostly!). And always there was somebody to share it with me. Everybody always greeted me with a hug which made me realise how important it is to hug and how good it feels.

This is a tribute and a thanks a million to all the people that made this trip the best time of my life. (In no particular order!)

The best friend I’ve met there is of course my new love David. Fell in love with him instantly, like everybody in San Pedro did. With you I definitely had the most fun, horseback riding in 4th gear, watching you play tricks with the kids, seeing Maximon with you, nursing me when I was sick, watching Game of Thrones together with Eric. Eric, my favourite bartender ever! Always new exactly what I wanted to drink and eat, doing shots with me, watching these cool shows together, having nice bar chats. You work in my favourite bar, El Barrio from Sean, who organised a goodbye poker party for me of which I found posters of all over town. The bar where I played poker twice a week with this really cool bunch of people, especially Ron, David, JP, Shirley and Michael. Shirley who’s laughter you could always hear from miles away. Always put a smile on my face. Michael, with whom I had interesting chats about life and relationships, and for almost winning that pub quiz together with Nancy. Kathy, for being my best girlfriend with whom I could gossip about men, enjoy her delicious food, had an interesting entertainment show at church with, catering my goodbye party. You’re a beautiful and strong woman, hang on. Chantal and Pete, for being awesome drinking friends, having me at their Christmas party with Donna and Ray, for being tree-planting hippies. Donna and Ray, for having me over in that posh hotel where I had the best shower in two months. Pitch, well, where to start with you? For these intense moments that you allowed me to be there for you, and for being there when I was sad or too sick to go to Pana so you joined me, for carrying me all the way up the stairs at my hotel because I was so drunk I didn’t know what was up or down (and than you almost broke your foot!), for being one of the best drinking buddies at El Barrio. To Christo for your fun poems and the fun of accidentally meeting again after ten years! Craig, for providing me with eh… cigarettes. Mike, we didn’t get to know eachother well but we will, and I’m looking forward to that. That kayak trip was nice! Daniëlle for that amazing time at Cosmic! Oh did we share some happiness there. Happiness provided by Tonka. Houston, for the fun of meeting you again and knowing my friends in Holland, and, well you know… Paul and Thomas, who were actually the first good company I had right after I landed in the City and for joining me to Antigua. To Justin and Ron for giving me a good time when I had that emergency trip to Antigua. To Santa for always putting a smile on my face and looking like Santa. To Allen for looking like Einstein and always having that relaxt vibe. To Linell for the interesting conversations about South Africa. To Nikoya for enjoying the beautiful way you dress and having that awesome vibe. To Ken for the fun chats and the Canada pin you gave me. To Everglades hostel and John for having an amazing first week in the Everglades. To Ian whom I admire because unlike me you are a succesfull digital nomad. To Diana just because it was always nice to run into you. To Esther for keeping up with my Dutch. To beautiful Steve and Terry for their stories about their travels. To Scott, Becky and Bently for the fun we had and the invitation to your house. To Jimbo, Mary and Max for being so much fun to hang out with. To Magdalena of Hotel San Fransisco for cleaning up my mess over and over again. To Koos for having lengthy and interesting phonecalls with and for understanding I chose for David. For my whatsapp group of friends to keep me up-dated about what’s happening in their lifes in Holland. To my mom for keeping me up-dated in lengthy emails about my family. Both my parents for their support and understanding of my lifestyle which means I’m so often far away. To all those others I occasionally ran into and had nice chats and drinks with. Probably after noon so I don’t remember your names.

And last but not least to Alison. Who saved me from being lonely and lost in Florida and letting me stay in her wonderfull apartment.

I love you.